Shahid Raza

RISE Research Institutes of Swede
Director of Cybersecurity

Meet Shahid Raza

Shahid Raza is the Director of Cybersecurity unit at RISE, one of the largest cybersecurity research groups in Sweden. He is also the founder and leader of RISE Cyber Range, a unique cybersecurity test and demo arena in Kista, Stockholm. Shahid’s primary research interest is all aspects of IoT security; only in the last two years he has received over 1500 citations on his research work on IoT security, published in prestigious journals and conferences of the area. Shahid’s research is funded by strategic (The Swedish Research Council, and The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, SSF) and applied (VINNOVA) national research organizations and EU. Shahid is also a management board member of H2020 CONCORDIA, an EU network of excellence on cybersecurity. Shahid holds a Master of Science in cybersecurity from KTH (2009) and an industrial PhD degree from Mälardalen University Sweden for this work on IoT security at RISE (2013). Shahid is also an Associate Professor in Uppsala University where he has four PhD students as the main supervisor.