The HealthD360 project - Health data that creates value for the citizen.

The HealthD360 project - Health data that creates value for the citizen.

Aim: In the project HealthD360 ( we will create better health for the citizens by gathering data from the public healthcare system (registers and data from the municipality) and linking them with data from the citizens' smartphones and wearables. The overall ambition is to promote more personal, secure, and coherent diagnosis, prevention and treatment in close collaboration with the patients and people being 360 degrees around them.

The specific purposes of the presented study are: 1) to infer some of the major potential risk factors and life events for developing diabetic foot ulcers based on artificial intelligence studies on the diabetic population in Denmark. 2) to develop tools to be used by the citizens to collect and monitor all relevant information on their diabetic foot ulcers on a daily basis.

Method: Participatory design processes were applied generating a catalogue of relevant concepts/solutions to develop to improve the life for people having a diabetic foot ulcer. A selected concept, a wound/dialogue app will be demonstrated. Artificial intelligence studies on data from registers and municipalities will be presented.   

Results / Conclusion:  Our studies showed the benefit of collecting and analyzing big data from various sources. The participatory design process interviewing and interacting with patients, their relatives and health care personal and people from the municipality resulted in several concepts to develop of which one will be presented: The Wound App.