InFraReD: An Intelligent Framework for Resilient Design


InFraReD: An Intelligent Framework for Resilient Design.

The exhibit will be a showcase of the AI/ Machine Learning simulation prediction framework of the AIT City Intelligence Lab. Users will be able to see how InFraReD can empower the sustainable planning of our cities by providing real time feedback on the environmental performance of our urban designs, using the Machine Learning / Deep Learning models of our framework.

During the online event a showreel of videos that demonstrate the InFraReD framework will be presented. Each video demonstrates how InFraReD empowers the urban planning process and how it can enable informed design decisions with real time environmental performance.

A live demo of the InFraReD framework will also be presented during the event where users will be able to experience and interact with the design framework online.

Name of research group responsible for exhibit: Digital Resilient Cities