Making packaging plastic free. 


Friedrich Breidenbach is a graduate of the Vienna University of Business Administration. He spent the first decade of his business career in the advertising, communication, public relations and strategy consulting business working for global companies like Volkswagen, Nestlé, Red Bull or Austrian Airlines. By combining the personal goal of making a difference, business development and marketing know-how with the entrepreneurial mindset inherited by his family, Friedrich Breidenbach decided to build up a business in the field of sustainable packaging solutions as Investor, Co-Founder and CEO with his partners Andreas Huber, Günter Buzek and Claus Stefanski in 2017.


The approach of Zeroplast is unique. With back wing from the various well-known legal restrictions and actions, changing consumer attitudes and industry needs, the aim of Zeroplast is not to make conventional plastic packaging greener, lighter, better, more efficient or recyclable. As one can estimate out of the brand name, Zeroplast is working on material compounds and packaging items that are simply plastic free, therefore not authorized within plastic (or bioplastic) material categories, free of chemicals additives, bio based and if possible not competing with animal feed or food production. If that would not be ambitious enough the founding parties of Zeroplast agreed on the principle that all material developments must be potentially competitive in terms of price and production parameters compared to conventional plastic packaging.


Due to ongoing research and collaboration with Huber4Zero Lab, Fraunhofer ISC and the remarkable output of Fraunhofer led Horizon 2020 founded HyperBioCoat Project, the first breakthrough packaging market launch with a global player in the cosmetic business is within reach.