SHiELD allows citizens to receive medical care with access to their health data in compliance with current regulations while in a Member State


SHiELD – European Security in Health Data Exchange


SHiELD unlocks the value of health data to European citizens and businesses by overcoming security and regulatory challenges that today prevent this data being exchanged with those who need it. This makes it possible to provide better health care to mobile citizens across European borders, and facilitate legitimate commercial uses of health data.

  • For Digital Security Experts: SHiELD providse models and analysis tools for automated identification of end-to-end security risks and compliance issues. SHIELD also provides faster and more cost effective methods to verify and monitor compliance with multiple sets of applicable regulations.
  • For Citizens and Patients: SHiELD case studies addresess cross border scenarios in which a citizen needs to access their health data, which is held in their country of origin, as well as in the case of emergency care where a clinician needs to access data that resides in a source system in their home country.
  • For e-Health Businesses: SHiELD creates opportunities for using health data to create such products and services addressing the common European Market. SHiELD provides guidance in best practice to achieve end-to-end security and data protection compliance in health and health related applications.


SHiELD is composed of 11 partners from 4 different countries: TECNALIA (Spain), AIMES (United Kingdom), Fondazione Centro San Raffaele (FCSR) Italy), Ibermática (Spain), IBM Research - Haifa (Israel), IT Innovation Centre (United Kingdom), Metrarc (United Kingdom), NWSIS (United Kingdom), Osakidetza (Spain), Stelar Security Technology Law Research (Germany) and Symphonic Software (United Kingdom).

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 727301.