Strengthening Industrial Heat Pump Innovation – Decarbonizing Industrial Heat

Strengthening Industrial Heat Pump Innovation – Decarbonizing Industrial Heat

Industrial processes are currently responsible for 20 % of total greenhouse gas emissions in Europe. In order to stay within the 1.5°C scenario of the Paris Climate Agreement, measures to reduce these greenhouse gas emissions from industry are urgently needed. This paper highlights the role heat pump technologies can ful­fil in realizing signi­ficant reductions in CO2 emissions arising from industrial process heating. Industrial heat pumps are a highly energy efficient, crosscutting technology to provide process heat. Driven by electric power, heat pumps are a key electri­fication technology which are able to replace a large share of fossil fueled industrial process heating. The research institutes involved in RD&D of heat pump solutions propose a European industrial heat pump program, designed to accelerate the implementation and further development of this low carbon technology. Unlocking the bene­fits of heat pump technology requires a set of coherent measures. This includes creating a regulatory framework that facilitates the acceptance of industrial heat pumps, setting up a European information and knowledge base on heat pump technologies and process integration as well as the establishment of an RD&D program that supports the strengthening and growth of industrial heat pump applications.

The white paper is a joint effort of eight European research institutes, including the RTOs TNO, DTI, SINTEF, AIT and RISE.