Spotlight on Speakers: Perspective from Sabine Herlitschka, CEO of Infineon Technologies Austria AG

At the 2nd RTO Innovation Summit, top industry executives will discuss the future implications of various success stories based on technologies with value for European industry, prosperity and citizen welfare.

To start the conversation, Infineon Technologies CEO Sabine Herlitschka, a Summit keynote speaker, already explores some of the digitalization challenges and opportunities facing Europe, which research and innovation have the power to address.


“The COVID-19 crisis has given a massive boost to digitization. Despite all the problems and setbacks for people and companies, Ms. Herlitschka sees the developments and experiences of recent months as a great opportunity as well, holding to the famous quote: ‘never waste a serious crisis’. Especially in the areas of education, qualification and sustainability, the Corona crisis can provide the necessary impulse for substantial steps forward, benefitting a stronger and more competitive Europe. And the way out of the crisis is through research, technology and innovation.

Further, in the field of microelectronics – the enabler of digitalization – Ms. Herlitschka points out that only three out of the 20 largest companies in the sector are controlled from Europe. This is significant, considering the changing geopolitical situation. Technology becomes the new ‘currency’.  ‘As Europe, we are challenged to take care of our technological, as well as digital, sovereignty and autonomy. Therefore, we must think and act more strongly as a common European region,’ advises Ms. Herlitschka.”

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