In December 2019, the European Commission released the 'European Green Deal' with the aim of making Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050 and a leader in the development towards a circular economy. The Green Deal provides a roadmap for tackling climate and environmental challenges as well as promoting efficient and sustainable uses of resources in the EU.

Providing at least 47 practical action policies and measures needed to achieve its goals, the Green Deal covers a broad range of sectors including energy, agriculture, smart mobility, environment and the circular economy. For example, among the plan’s provisions are decarbonizing the energy sector, cutting energy use through building renovations, supporting private sector green innovation endeavours and introducing cleaner transport options.

The 2nd RTO Innovation Summit will address the role that Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs) play in the future impact and success of the Green Deal. Summit participants can join three sessions that cover the key topics: 'energy', 'bioeconomy' and 'sustainable and smart mobility'.

The energy session will discuss the scientific and technical solution pathways to decarbonising energy. As energy represents around 80% of carbon emissions in Europe, the solutions explored in this session will be crucial for achieving clean energy supplies across the economy, society and natural environment.

Industry must also be fully mobilised in order to achieve a climate-neutral and circular economy by 2050. The bioeconomy session will explore the ways in which RTOs support different industries in their transition towards a biobased and circular economy. Presentations will additionally highlight the solutions already in place from applied research.

The third Green Deal session will deliver future visions for sustainable and smart mobility. A 90% reduction in transport emissions is needed to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, and knowledge-based, technology-driven solutions will direct such sustainable mobility development. Research experts at this session will introduce best practice programs for engagement with industry to accelerate the shift towards a new mobility system.

In order to reach the European Green Deal objectives, applied research, policy and industry must come together to develop new technologies, sustainable solutions and extraordinary innovation.

For continued updates and further details about these Green Deal session topics, please visit the event programme page and be sure to register to attend the summit.