Matthijs Punter

Researcher Data Science & Smart Industry
Meet Matthijs Punter

Meet Matthijs Punter

Matthijs Punter is consultant and researcher within the Data Science department of TNO, focusing on large scale interopability and data sharing. He has worked in several industries to achieve agreements on the technologies and standards to be used for new data driven initiatives, including e-government, logistics and industry.

In his research the key focus is on achieving controlled data sharing, based on the principle of data sovereignty: allowing every organization to retain full control over the sharing and use of their data. At the same time his focus is on enabling data sharing to becoming a commodity: low entry barriers, low costs and large scale adoption.

He has been working for several years within the International Data Spaces Association to achieve standardization in this field. Within The Netherlands he is a contributor to several Smart Industry digital innovation hubs on the topic of data sharing.